Ram Brace


A unique brace and plate design that provides for a wide range of installation options, while at the same time, providing improved rail support and long-term performance.

“RAM” Universal Rail Brace Plate System Sell Sheet PDF
2.39 Meg | 8/28/2012


The new CTM “RAM” brace plate system incorporates the same key design features as the CTM “EVR” brace system that provides improved in-track performance and panel handling stability over other existing rail brace designs. The clip housing is centrally positioned within the brace opening, allowing the clamping force of the spring clip to be maximized as the clip loading is applied directly to the brace both front and back, securing the brace laterally against the stock rail, and down against the rail flange and the plate.

Features and Benefits

The major benefit of the new CTM “RAM” Universal Brace Plate System is that it is uniquely designed to accommodate both the mainline rail group and the secondary rail group. The rail brace and wedge are both reversible, and the Universal Master Brace Plate is designed to allow installation on switches with rail sections ranging from 112RE through 141RE.

The new “RAM” brace design also offers very important additional benefits over all other brace designs. The spring clip is more effectively positioned closer to the rail and above the neutral axis of the rail increasing holding power. The new “RAM” brace is designed to provide the traditional “under head” and “top of rail flange” contact surfaces for both rail group positions ensuring optimum rail support. The “RAM” brace and wedge castings are both cast with dual rail section lettering to clearly indicate proper assembly orientation of the components, providing ease of installation for both rail groups.

Installation Instructions

  1. Position the plate on tie with stock rail in position in the rail seat and with the rail base up against the riser.
  2. Place the brace in position over the top of the clip housing and slide the brace toward the stock rail to engage fit.
  3. Insert the wedge and tap it in place to draw the brace up snugly against the stock rail, do not overdrive.
  4. Drive the spring clip into the clip housing to secure the brace in place and tap the wedge snug if required.
  5. Apply retention pin to hole at far end of the wedge for final added security.

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