Adjustable Switch Point Guard


CTM´s Adjustable Switch Point Guard was designed utilizing a durable one-piece cast steel body casting. The arched design not only provides strength to the assembly, but also allows for installation on and over an existing center gage plate, and with clearance for the existing rail brace assembly. Outside plates are pre-set to the industry standard 42″ spacing, which provides ease of installation on RH or LH new and existing switches. The guard bar has been raised 5/16″, which provides a 50% increase in the true vertical guarding surface area.

To reduce the likelihood of wheel climbs, we´ve eliminated the traditional beveled-end flare. Three top-mounted indexing inserts allow the manganese steel guard bar to be easily adjusted in track without disassembly, providing four 1/8″ wear cycles. A reduced flare entry angle provides less radical wheel deflections, thus reducing lateral impact loads. Mounting bolts are H.T. Hex Head 1 3/8″ diameter Grade 8, and are factory torqued to 1800 ft./lbs. These are secured with Nord-Lock Washers.

Adjustable Switch Point Guard PDF Sell Sheet
1.66 Meg | 8/28/2012


  • Longer overall guard bar length – 8″
  • Longer flare lengths – each end 4″
  • Raised guard bar height – 5/16″ higher.
  • Larger diameter mounting bolts – 1 3/8″ dia.
  • More effective fittings – Nord-Lock Washers.
  • Outside handling holes – balanced for safety.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved service life – (4) 1/8″ wear cycles.
  • Reduced flare entry angle – 20% reduction.
  • Increased guarding surface area – 50% increase.
  • Improved bolt tightness – 1800 ft./lbs.
  • Ease of installation on switches.
  • Reduction of wheel climbs.

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