EVR Brace


This CTM Adjustable Rail Brace System design incorporates several new and unique features that provide improved in-track performance and panel handling stability over all other existing rail brace designs.

“EVR” Adjustable Rail Brace System
891.5 K | 8/28/2012

Features and Benefits

The key feature of the “EVR” Rail Brace is that it allows the clamping power of the spring clip to be maximized as the spring clip loading is applied directly to both the front and back of the brace. This secures the brace up against the stock rail and down against the switch brace plate.

Another key feature is that the “EVR” brace is designed with a central rectangular opening to fit over the top of the welded clip housing. This provides two very important benefits over all other existing brace designs:

  • The clip itself is positioned closer to the stock rail.
  • The clip housing prevents the brace from backing out longitudinally.

Installation Instructions

  1. Position plate on tie with stock rail in position in rail seat and with rail base up against the riser.
  2. Place brace in position over the top of the clip housing and slide brace toward stock rail to engage fit.
  3. Insert wedge and tap in place to draw brace snugly up against the stock rail, do not overdrive.
  4. Drive the elastic clip into clip housing to secure the brace in place and tap the wedge snug if required.
  5. Apply retention pin to hole at far end of the wedge for final added security.

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