The new CTM “EL Frog” design provides the required ramping by means of external vertical bends in the leg of the wing rail and in the heel rail. The standard lengths of the ramping allows for safe operation at speeds currently within FRA restrictions. Since the ramping is external to the frog body, they can easily be lengthened to offer safe operation at higher speeds as allowed.

EL Frog Sell Sheet
2.33 Meg | 9/4/2012

Features and Benefits

This design offers features that improve overall performance and make it a better choice for installation at more flange-bearing locations. The straight mainline running rail is not only unbroken, but it is also canted at the normal 1:40 angle to allow for ease of installation and provide a smooth, continuous wheel contact path throughout the mainline side. The one-piece manganese design provides a level flange-bearing guarded wheel path through the body of the frog on the turnout side.

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