Hook Flange Guard Rail


CTM Hook Flange Guard Rails are utilized in a number of configurations and are provided in various lengths, with a variety of plate designs to suit many different applications in both yard and mainline installations.

Hook Flange Sell Sheet
1.05 Meg | 8/28/2012


  • Unitized construction significantly reduces installation time compared to other designs.
  • Fixed tie plate design limits tie movement helping to stabilize the frog section of the turnout, thus maintaining line and gage enhancing frog service life.
  • Standard lengths offered include: 9’-0”, 13’-0”, 15’-0”, 16’-6”, 19’-6”, 20’-0” & 26’-0”.

Features and Benefits

  • The special rolled rail steel guard provides improved lateral stability with longer life-cycles than other designs.
  • Rugged, durable construction with a long history of proven reliability.
  • Optional designs can include adjustable flangeway, variable tie spacing options and elastic fastener applications.
  • Various design options can be configured to suit heavy, medium and light traffic conditions.

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