Joint Bars


Hot rolled from high quality steel, accurately cut to lengths required and accurately punched to suit proper bolt hole configurations. Stamped identifications to provide ease of installation, proper application and quality identification for traceability.


Standard Specifications for Quenched Carbon Steel Joint Bars: A joint (or pair) consists of two bars without bolts. The opening between the rails is 1/8″. Bolt holes are alternately round and oval. Heat treating consists of heating and oil quenching. Surface preparations such as shot blasting and painting are available.

Features and Benefits

Capabilities Include:

  • American Railway Engineering & M/W Association (AREMA) Specifications including carbon steel or micro alloy steel materials.
  • Short toe on all rail sections.
  • Standard or Special Punching.
  • All rail sections available from typical sections, or fabricated and machined from steel plate (including girder rail and crane rail).
  • Used for: Railroad – Transit – Industrial – Mining – Export

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