Universal Swivel Slide Insulated Gage Plates


This assembly is configured to provide for both lateral and angular adjustment. This allows the plate to fit into any existing or new switch alignment, regardless of switch angle, curve, hand or tie spacing. Once set to the required angle and spacing, the swivel-slide plates can be securely welded to the gage plate ends.

The new gage plate is designed utilizing the current state-of-the-art standard insulation assembly materials and includes the Common Standard Style Lifting Hook for safety and ease of handling. The rail seat ends can be adapted to allow for application and installation of any of the variety of switch brace assemblies that are available.

Universal Swivel-Slide Insulated Gage Plate Sell Sheet PDF
1.94 Meg | 8/28/2012

Features and Benefits

This new universal “handless” design can dramatically reduce inventory requirements. It is:

  • Adjusted to fit all existing switch alignments with any tie spacing.
  • Easily adapted to fit any new or special switch alignments.
  • Ideal for emergency stock, switch upgrades, temporary switches and derailment rebuilds.

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