Track Work Assemblies

  • Packaged Turnouts Panelized Turnouts Pre-plated Turnouts
  • Single Crossovers
  • Double Crossovers
  • Lap Switches
  • Slip Switches
  • OWLS Crossings
  • Restraining Rail Assemblies
  • Complex yard projects
  • Crossing Diamonds
  • Tongue and Mate Turnouts
  • Full Flange Bearing Crossings
  • Track Panels

Standard Flangeway Configurations:

1-7/8″ Wide X 3/8″ Deep
Ramping Rate ~ 1:30 (for 10mph operation)
The CTM FFB ramping rate can easily be adjusted as needed to permit higher operating speeds within future FRA allowances.

Product Description:

The CTM “FFB Crossing” can be custom designed to suit individual site location requirements and can be configured with a variety of options. The FFB crossings can be furnished as fully assembled panels for ease of shipping, handling and installation. Extended plug rails with choice of IJ´s, insulated gage plates, heavy duty 1/4″ thick milled base plates, a choice of tie pads, partially assembled and torqued to meet your specifications. Solid Manganese high integrity corner castings are CNC machined and explosion depth hardened in the critical tread and flange bearing surface areas.

Features and Benefits

CTM manufactures a wide variety of track work assemblies for the Class 1 and Transit applications. Each of these complex assemblies are fully pre-assembled in house to ensure fit, form and function. Accurately labeled, color coded, match-marked and shipped as sub-assemblies whenever possible to provide ease of installation.